Oweninny Windfarm

Bellacorrick, Co. Mayo

Environmental Documents


Vol 2A – Environmental Impact Statement
Oweninny Non-Technical Summary with figures
Oweniny EIS Table of Contents_24062013
Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Description of Project_ Chapter 3 – Project Implementation_ Chapter 4 – Alternatives_
Chapter 5 – Policy & Planning Context_ Chapter 6 – Human Beings_ Chapter 7 – Noise_ Chapter 8 – Shadow Flicker_
Chapter 9 – Terrestrial Ecology_ Chapter 10 – Water Quality, Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology_ Chapter 11 – Landscape_ Chapter 12 – Air Quality & Climate_
Chapter 13 – Soils & Geology_ Chapter 14 – Traffic & Transport_ Chapter 15 – Forestry_ Chapter 16 – Material Assets_
Chapter 17 – Cultural Heritage_ Chapter 18 – Iron Flush Hydrological & Hydrogeological Assessment_ Chapter 19 – Hydrology & Sediment_ Chapter 20 – Indirect & Interaction of Impacts_

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18 Documents

Volume 2B Environmental Impact Statement Appendices
Appendix 1 Scoping Responses Appendix 2 IPPC Licence Appendix 3 June 2003 Oweninny Rehabilitation Plan Appendix 4 PSRA Report
Appendix 5 Foundation Method Statement Appendix 5B Access Tracks and Hardstanding Areas Appendix 6 Emergency Plan Draft Appendix 7 Noise Monitoring Report
Appendix 8 Shadow calcs Appendix 9 Terrestrial Ecology Appendix 10 Photomontages Appendix 11 Geological Heritage Correspondence
Appendix 12 Road safety Audit Appendix 13 Cultural Heritage Correspondence Appendix 14 Bellacorick Iron Flush Appendix 15 Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix 16 Hydrology and Sediment Control Plan Oweniny EIS Table of Contents_EIS Appendix 2B No Content No Content

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Volume 2C – Photomontages (32 Documents)

Photomontage 01_Oweninny WF_1 Photomontage 02_Oweninny WF Photomontage 03_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 04A_Oweninny WF Photomontage 04B_Oweninny WF Photomontage 05_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 06_Oweninny WF Photomontage 07A_Oweninny WF Photomontage 07B_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 08A_Oweninny WF Photomontage 08B_Oweninny WF Photomontage 09A_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 10A_Oweninny WF Photomontage 10B_Oweninny WF Photomontage 11_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 12_Oweninny WF Photomontage 13_Oweninny WF Photomontage 14_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 15_Oweninny WF Photomontage 16_Oweninny WF Photomontage 17_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 18_Oweninny WF Photomontage 19_Oweninny WF Photomontage 20_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 21_Oweninny WF Photomontage 22_Oweninny WF Photomontage 23_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 24_Oweninny WF Photomontage 25_Oweninny WF Photomontage 26_Oweninny WF
Photomontage 27_Oweninny WF No Content No Content

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